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I've had my Cowboy 3 for just over a month now and overall I am very positive and am enjoying it. I think the design is really cool, and I get a lot of nice comments on my bike from other pedestrians/cyclists. Some positives for me are: 1. The belt drive is really nice and not having to worry about gears is great. 2. The removable battery is great as it makes charging far more convenient 3. The power from the motor is seamless and you really hardly notice the kick-in. 4. Customer support have been very responsive and helpful Some of the areas I would want to see improved are: 1. The motor is actually underpowered on most hills (having seen the v4 release today, I am aware that this has been improved). I would like to see an option for a motor upgrade for v3 users to the same motor used by the v4 2. Mudguards/kickstand should really be standard. I did manage to get my mudguards for free from a referral link and I know they are included on the v4, so that is now fixed. 3. It took three months to receive my bike, not 14 days. Whilst I know Brexit did impact this, in retrospect and these things aren't always easy to address, I did feel that the communication around this, whilst frequent, was not always accurate or consistent and there were conflicting messages. As I said at the beginning though, overall I am happy with my bike and I think the support from Cowboy has been very good. As mentioned, I write this on the same day the v4 has been announced and I would like to see an option to assist v3 owners with a motor upgrade as this is the biggest weakness the v3 has.
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