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Cowboy E-Bike Customer reviews

Ungefilterte Meinungen und Rezensionen von Cowboy Kunden. Sieh dir an, was unsere Rider zu sagen haben.

  • Jose ★★★★

    Aug 21, 2020 Cowboy 2

    The bike is a very nicely designed piece of kit. I love the seamless operation, no modes, no gears, just pedal and it goes the way you expect, lovely! That being said I was slightly disappointed with the fit and finish. Nothing major, but for example both brake calipers were misaligned and rubbing, and almost every single bolt on the bike was not tightened correctly (even the bottom bracket!), making the ride noisy and potentially dangerous. I could dig up the torque spec for all those bolts and fix it myself. Except a weird "click" on the left pedal when I stand out of the saddle and push hard... but I'm starting to think that is because the drive train is not designed to be pushed hard like that. It's a little bit weird that mudguards and kickstand are not included when competitors at similar price point have them, but they are not that expensive to buy and it was not a big problem for me to fit them myself. The app works and feels great, it does what it must without a fuss, exactly what I had hoped. The bike uses standard component, so I'm in the process of customizing it with my own pedals, tires, handlebars, stem, saddle... that's the main reason I went for Cowboy, the ability to swap components and customize it to my needs and taste. The only thing that I find missing is a less restrictive speed limit mode. When I'm on my road bike I can pedal 35-40kmh on flat, smooth roads. I would love if the "off-road" mode would give me assistance up to 35kmh when I'm not on public roads like some competitors do, 30kmh feels a tad slow when on a long straight road without other traffic.

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