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My cowboy bike I have received after longing 7 weeks. The first day the bike nail was beautiful, never was it easier to ride a bicycle than with the . well after the first few days the first mistakes started ... And then the rain came and I had to drive through the forest because the Cowboy app guided me through this larger forest piece. After driving through the forest, sounds gradually accumulated .. from grinding from the bottom bracket and the freewheel. With a long back and forth writing with cowboy I was helped in the beginning. However, I was only put off by a colleague who tells me that play the brake lever is normal, however, on the other hand, the game is much less ... Now, as after the said drive through the forest, I reported back to Cowboy and there were then sent me tutorials, with which I should please repair the bike. Very good the noise with the freewheel is gone and he "slips" no longer. Nevertheless, after cleaning the timing belt still grinding noise from the bottom bracket and a wheel which has an imbalance. To ride the bike I have to say, the concept is amazing. It is a lot of fun to cycle through the city by bike, the app control works great and is easy to use.
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