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Cowboy E-Bike Customer reviews

Ungefilterte Meinungen und Rezensionen von Cowboy Kunden. Sieh dir an, was unsere Rider zu sagen haben.

  • Mike ★★★★★

    Antwerp Oct 29, 2020 Cowboy 3

    Started with an appointment for a test ride with Gael, a real ambassador for cowboy. I have a lot of cycling experience, f.e. 1/4 triathlon, mountain-biking tours and bike travel with fully loaded bike (50+kg) throughout all of Europe; Test ride and technical info was so convincing, I immediately ordered my V3. Delivery was correct ,the transporter contacted me to give exact time of delivery, good communication.Gael even came over to my place to help assembling and install the quad lock for my smartphone and check out the bike. Again exceptional service. I have my own business ( fitness centre)and have been sales manager in sports industry so I think I can judge good sales- service- and after -ale service skills.Bottom line, based on my own experience, I rate Cowboy top class! Riding this bike is like floating over the tarmac. I have been reading blogs the Facebook groups to, see people complaining about almost everything, but personally I have not experienced any problem. I had a stupid issue with the lights of my v3. Contacted the help desk, IMMEDIATELY had contact and answer but no solution yet.It was around 10 pm! Next day communication continued, different topics examined by a real helpful team, different people were in the discussion,NO delay at all! Finally problem solved! Finding it hard to admit, even a bit ashamed but it's a classic , not less embarrassing story. I supposed lights turned on automatically, I did not even see the BIG on/of button on the display! Both online contacts, Gus and Melanie are real 5 star associates. As you can see, only positive experience . And YES the seat post IS correct, NOT uncomfortable! It is a BICYCLE , NOT a motorbike or a sofa! And yes , you can hear the freewheel, that's bicycle mechanics! And sometimes disk brakes make a little noise, same as on my race bike and mountain bike! So what. Clean them or adjust them. Their main purpose is to stop the bike, and that's exactly what they do very well. And no , I did not have a flat tire, but I watch out where and how I ride, cycle paths are sometimes tank tracks and cowboy is NOT a BMX or a Red Bull stunt bike. And no, I don't think that needing your smartphone before you can have a ride is an nissue. I was aware of that when I bought the bike, it is mentioned on the Cowboy site and in every review you can find. So if you see that as a problem, then DON'T ride Cowboy and do not enjoy this state of the art bike. It IS a very nice, good-looking,value for money, advanced e-bike with a superb design that offers you a super smooth,safe ride with perfect assistance and a good working app . Happy to ride Cowboy. Mike kamphuijs

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