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I love driving this bike. I got the cowboy in the beginning of July and drove about 800 km since. For commuting inside the city it is perfect for me, I live in a pretty hilly city and I do not care about the hills anymore. Yet the bike is not made for everybody, if you are looking for a bike to do longer weekend trips in your free time or have a pretty long commute, you might want to look for a bike with a bigger battery (500 Wh). But personally I can't imagine a better bike for commuting, especially for that price.

I tried to summarise some pros and cons:


- Great, effortless riding
- No shifting necessary, one gear is absolutely sufficient inside the city (I actually love the fact that I do not need to hassle with multiple gears)
- Removable battery (this was mandatory for me)
- Stunning design
- Integrated lights
- Belt driven, so less maintenance necessary (and due to the hub motor on the rear wheel the belt should last a while)
- Disk brakes (even though I do not really like mineral oil disk brakes, but for this bike the brakes are totally acceptable)


- Real-world range is somewhere between 35 and 40 km (definitely not 50), depending on your weight, speed and the landscape profile (for me this is totally fine, I do a maximum of 30 km a day)
- This is not a bike for long distances like weekend trips, due to the geometry of the bike and the hard saddle long distances may become uncomfortable
- For higher speeds a second (automatic) gear would be great
- Steep hills are a test of your patience as the electric motor clearly works at its limit (the trick is to pedal with the exact amount of force to let the motor work at its maximum without having to do real pedal work on your own - this makes you climb the hill slow but nearly effortless)

I would recommend the bike if you live inside the city and have a commute of up to 15 km one way (mine is 7 which I do in 20 minutes).

I would not recommend the bike if you are taller than 1,90 due to the geometry of the bike or if you want or have to travel long distances.
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