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Cowboy E-Bike Customer reviews

Ungefilterte Meinungen und Rezensionen von Cowboy Kunden. Sieh dir an, was unsere Rider zu sagen haben.

  • Nicola ★★★★★

    Liège Mar 01, 2020 Cowboy 2

    Great bike : rides comfortable, very stylish and well priced. But the tyres are not reliable at all (even with flat-away- inlays) and it catches rusty spots very soon...

    Cowboy Antwort

    Hello Nicola,

    Thank you for your review.

    It's great to see that you like the Cowboy bike very much.

    We realize that unexpected flat tyres are super frustrating, especially on new bikes. We have witnessed how flat tyres have impacted our customers last year and regret the frustration caused among our community.

    So, we were pleased to offer solutions to help our customers enjoy the ride with more confidence and less anxiety, while maintaining the sleek design, ride feeling and comfort of our tyres.
    Existing customers have received Flat-Away™ tyre liners. Flat-Away is a felt tape, reinforced with DuPont Kevlar® fibre, to help improve tyre’s puncture resistance. We tested the performance of this product with Cowboy riders on the field and conducted rigorous “nail puncture tests” in a German test laboratory. We learned that an original Panaracer tyre, fitted with a Flat-Away liner, offers 5x more protection than a Panaracer tyre alone.

    Then, we decided to equip our new batches of bikes with other tyres that have the same level of resistance and appearance as our former tyres reinforced with liners. We are thus confident that the riding experience of all our customers will be as it is supposed to: fun and enjoyable. Punctures might still occur if you ride on a sharp piece of glass or approach a curb at high speed, as it would with any other e-bike too.

    Rust can indeed appear on some parts of the bike. To remove it, simply use a wire brush. You can also apply some 'rust converter' if you want to prevent it from coming back too quickly.

    The Cowboy Team

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