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Cowboy E-Bike Customer reviews

Ungefilterte Meinungen und Rezensionen von Cowboy Kunden. Sieh dir an, was unsere Rider zu sagen haben.

  • Thomas ★★★★

    Ingelheim am Rhein Sep 05, 2019 Cowboy 2

    The bike’s design is top. Riding it is fun. I cannot go slower than top speed. I love cruising around. But there is room for improvement: my second firmware update went wrong and I needed support resetting the bike. In the second week, I had a flat tyre. The battery of my bike loses 13% over night sometimes, or the indication must be wrong in the evening. I think, the indication needs tuning. Personally, I would like to have the possibility to buy more fitting accessories from cowboy, or the possibility to choose a better/other tyre right from the start, like the configurators from car companies. I visited some of the service partners for buying accessories in Munich, but they had no idea about the bike and no parts available. In total, I love the bike. We have grown together, and I am looking forward to owning the accessories announced in the faqs. Your service team is very fast and friendly and wish you all the best to continue improving.

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