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Cowboy E-Bike Customer reviews

Ungefilterte Meinungen und Rezensionen von Cowboy Kunden. Sieh dir an, was unsere Rider zu sagen haben.

  • christian ★★★★

    Vienna Oct 28, 2020 Cowboy 3

    I like the stealth look and the fact that you can take out the battery. Its super reduced all in all > thats what i was looking for. The support of the engine is super smooth and you dont feel like those older e bikers, cause you still have "something to do" for your legs. What i dont like is the quality of the transportation - this fear during the unpackening that something isnt right with your 2k bike...that feeling should not exist and weakens the brand in my opinion...rising the bar in terms of transport, build quality to a continuously higher level would be a nescessary next step to get away from this "start up brand feeling" where you never know if your bike is 100% ok when you get it, to a solid brand.

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